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June 27, 2012 / bydint

Slovakia and the Inquisition; Cage of Shame. Postludes

The Inquisition, the hunting down of autonomous believers or nonbelievers, any whose mindsets or acts did not conform to the Roman Catholic teaching, was part of medieval Central and Western Europe for centuries. Following: repercussions. See It did not expand into the Scandinavian countries or Great Britain to the same degree, but individuals and movements followed suit in their way.

Inquisition; Levoca, Slovakia.  Memorial, Woman and Child

Levoca, Slovakia. History of women in Europe. Inquisition memorial, persecution, witchcraft, heresy. Statue: woman and child. Woman and child column. Church behind.

The Cage, one of the few remaining from the Inquisition era, is nearby. The influence of the Inquisition, now a book, see God’s Jury – the Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World by Cullen Murphy, NYT review by Samuel Freedman at

Inquisition Woman's Cage, now euphemized as "Cage of Disgrace"

Levoca, once part of Hungary, offers a glimpse into the social and religious control mechanisms for women. This, a 16th century cage for women.

See history of Levoca at Social controls over autonomy. Looking at the ease with which western and other cultures exploit women and restrict their autonomy, including through trafficking, ask how selected interpretations of ambiguous or even missing texts, and dogma, foster social power goals. Connect?


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