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June 27, 2012 / bydint

Levoca, Slovakia. Cage of Disgrace

Levoca, Slovakia.  Cage of Disgrace

Currently, The town of Levoca, Slovakia, entitles this cage in a benign, tut-tut way, as a “Cage of Disgrace” to encage women accused as scolds, or some mild fake equivalent. This belies its own heritage as suppressor of an entire gender’s indivuality. This was the era of Inquisition where women were burned for heresy and healing outside the established male bounds of “The Church.” See The Burning Time, and do not be deceived by labels as to mere “scolds.”
Visit Slovakia and find echoes and roots of current and past exploitation of women, the dark undercurrent of the world’s major cultures. Explore Slovakia and human trafficking. It is not alone. The United Nations his is not a merely feminist issue, see

Roots of power, entrenched and fertilized by cages of disgrace that keep competition out.

This gender idea so prominent in the Inquisition.

Is it still such fair game if she speaks up, asserts autonomy, finds another interpretation of scripture as to her role in the life of the world, differing from the male institution. Is this what google does not find amenable to its advertisers, its marketing opportunities, so it blocks the speech of those advertisers do not find lucrative. Are big corporations more to be feared than big government, because corporations are in or way accountable. See kngdv at blogspot, or vetting roots at blogspot for any interest you may have in vetting dogma. Keep your head down. But look. Hush. The looters are out. The Burning Time, see The Malleus Maleficarum, at Are these what google did not want shown ona mere travel site? Ah, so.


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