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June 22, 2012 / bydint

Spis Castle – The High Ground

Image Taking the high ground can mean morally,  as cultures without survival at stake can use the phrase; or as a defense, where those who are subject to invasions can necessarily use the term:  the physical advantage of being literally above the enemy, for purposes of projectiles, and fatiguing the enemy.


Spis Castle is the physical high ground,  a prominent marker and bulwark against Ottoman and other invaders, a crossroads of trade routes so the visibility mattered to the lost or threatened.  It occupies a huge footprint.

Walls of Spis Castle, Slovakia

Spis Castle, Slovakia, occupies a site with habitation for over millennia. This site claims people living here 40,000 years ago. As a medieval fortress, it was rock built on rock by 1249, see

Opening and closing times may not correlate with the guide book. Arrive nowhere at 4PM, expecting an hour to go. We literally had to run inside at 4, expecting a 5PM closing, and run around to get our views of this wonderful place. There was construction-renovation going on, and the construction-renovation schedule for workers superseded anything tourist.


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